Tutorial Guides

Everything you need to know to play KHUX.

The Basics

The core essentials to understanding Khux.

General Info

Miscellaneous facts you may not know. 

Lux Farming & Raid Bosses

Best Strategies to farm Lux.

Player VS Player (PvP)

Explanation & Guides for Ranking up.

High Score Challenges (HSC)

Explanation & Guides for Ranking up.

Coliseum (PvE)

Explanation & Guides for Ranking up.

Proud Mode Tips

Easy Tips & Tricks playing Proud Mode quests.


Need to know about something that's not listed? Tell me what you want to know, and I'll add it to the collection. 

Make sure to include the following:
1. A Subject that it's related to (if any).
2. Be specific on what you want to learn about. 

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