1. Finding Your Strongest Medals

Your strongest medals aren't based purely on the medal's Special Attack multiplier and Tier level. Skills and Traits play an important aspect of a medal's strength too. 

2. Get Better RNG

True 100% randomness is impossible in coding, although you can give the illusion that it is. Here's a way to possibly increase your chances of getting better RNG for Trait rolls and PvP Ticket pulls.

This is not 100% confirmed - as it would require a long time to research, and/or insight on the games unique code - but the method and reasoning is very plausible and justifiable. It's possible that this could be just superstition of course, but there's nothing to lose in giving it a try to play on the safe side. 
I also recommend using the world clock instead of your phone’s clock for accurate timing.


As you get better at the game, you'll naturally want to join stronger parties. Top tier parties look at things much differently than other players though - here's a general viewpoint of what Top parties look for when recruiting members.

- This video is intended to show what top party leaders look for in new members, and isn't about bragging in any way about my status. 

- This video was made during a time when many players were trying to take advantage of my party, so the call out in the beginning of the video was intended to protect my party members. 

- There is nothing wrong with being a weaker or casual player. The person presented in the video is simply to portray the types of things that top leaders look at in new recruits, and not intended to pick on them.

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