Khux Nation is made because of how much I love Kingdom Hearts. It's not just a hobby or game to me. It is the one thing in my life - that I can say without a doubt - that I'm willing to do anything for this series. In this case, it happens to be through Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross]. It's a wonderful franchise, one that many are proud to have in their lives, and hold close to their hearts. To me, it is a part of my life that makes me feel like there IS light among the darkness, something that makes me feel good only friends and family normally provide. I'm a protector of light,  just like you, and can't wait to eat some sea-salt ice cream together.


I want to make sure everyone is able to enjoy playing the game to its fullest - without feeling like it's a waste of time or money - while also being able to enjoy the Kingdom Hearts series to the fullest.


Donations are never required, but always appreciated. Following me on Social Media, Subscribing to me on YouTube, Watching me on Twitch, and/or suggesting my content to people you know are some other best ways to show support.


Everyone is allowed to share the ideas provided by the site, all I ask is for credit given. A lot of time and effort is put into the research and creation of this site (I have no help - it's all just me). Respect and credit for all the hard work put into it is appreciated.

Brian M.

Birth Country: United States
Age: 23
Occupation: YouTuber, Streamer, Blogger

Business Inquiries: khuxnation@gmail.com 

My Peers


Creator of KhuxTracker.com

Creator of the Khuxtracker website, my website partner, and a good friend of mine. She provides the best Damage calculator to determine your best keyblade setups in-game.


Khux YouTuber - Damo279

Damian is a Free-to-Play (F2P) Khux YouTuber, who provides competitive advice and guides for the F2P community. He has a similar analytical mindset as I do, and is a good friend of mine.

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