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My love and devotion to the Kingdom Hearts brand takes a lot of time and energy away from my day to day life. It would mean the world to me (and I’m sure my followers as well) to be able to make a living from creating consistent content that helps players become better at the game, and overall have a more enjoyable experience. Donating to me will help make that dream a reality. If you would like to support my mission, you can donate below.

Damo279 - YouTuber

"I've confided in Brian that I actually buy all my jewels and he hasn't told a soul so far, what a guy!"

Dan - Discord

"Brian is logical and articulate in his analysis of medals! His reviews have helped me strategize which medals work best together in certain keyblade setups! Thanks for all of your hard work, Brian!"

Rixuku - Discord

"Brian is great he always makes sure to update his website and after watching his videos and reading some things from his website khux became so much easier"

xTwoTails - Discord

"KhuxNation information for medal reviews are spot on. The advice, followed with the knowledge and also his YouTube videos make a great combination of both visual and written information for everyone who needs any type of advice for KHUX."

"Dan" - Discord

"Why hasn't SENA headhunted Brian for gameplay development?"

Rosie -

"Brian definitely puts the effort and time into his research for KHUX strategies and it is evident in the responses he's received for his KHUX Nation site and content videos. He can show that he achieves the high ranks in the game and eager to help the entire KHUX community stay competitive with his in-depth guides!"

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